Understanding Money Coaching

How would it feel to learn how to avoid financial stress?

Benefits of Money Coaching

  1. Show an increased ability to use a budget and spending plan
  2. Are more likely to build wealth
  3. Know their “money type” and the implications of this
  4. Feel calmer and in control of money
  5. Less likely to make regrettable financial decisions
  6. More likely to set goals
  7. Increases in confidence to reach goals, financial and otherwise

Couples Money Coaching

The difference between how men and women view money is not always apparent. It is, however, one of the things that couples most fight about. There are a range of emotions, beliefs, memories and experiences that colour our view of money, from being in debt, to hearing your parents fight about money. There are a range of flashpoints in any relationship when considering money; who earns it, who spends it, what the balance of power and what are the expectations on parties to conform to traditional stereotypes (to name but a few).

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Debt Coaching

I have helped hundreds of individuals and couples to manage and eliminate their debt.

For many, it is possible to become debt free but it is important to have clarity, commitment and a burning desire to do so.

Becoming debt free is the start of a journey. This journey continues to building wealth and financial independence. Only you have the power to take the steps to do this but with my help, these steps are clearer and less overwhelming. 

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What I do (and do not do)

I specialise in helping clients get out of debt, make better decisions, and reach financial and life goals. While I hold a number of financial qualifications, I do not practice as a financial advisor and I have no sales agenda in any way. 

This is important to know.  There will never be any pressure to take on any financial direction, policy, or service unless you decide yourself.  I am here to help you make your own decisions and change your own behaviour towards reaching your goals.   

My work with individuals and couples sits alongside traditional financial advisor services. Indeed, I can help you choose a financial advisor, if appropriate.

Who I work with

My financial coaching is strictly confidential and is for everyone making financial decisions, big or small. Clients use my service for many reasons:

  • debt, budgeting, mortgage arrears, repossession threats, financial recovery
  • getting a coherent money mindset for the future
  • feelings of stress, despair and hopelessness relating to finances and upcoming major financial decisions e.g. marriage, divorce, retirement
  • inner conflict and conflict with others relating to money
  • addressing damaging habits and attitudes around money
  • defining and moving towards financial life goals
  • a fresh perspective on finances

What to expect


You must be willing to be open to change and make decisions to bring you towards your goal.

  1. We have an exploratory call to discuss if and how I can help you best
  2. I may gather some basic financial information and question you on behaviour and emotions about money
  3. You attend a coaching session to discuss what you want to achieve as an outcome
  4. We both gain insight into barriers to this goal and aids to achieving the goal
  5. Clear actionable steps are identified to get you moving
  6. We have ongoing sessions to bed down behaviours, monitor progress and stay on track

Is it expensive?

Please ask yourself if you achieved your goal what is it worth to you. The changes will last and financially it can make all the difference. I do not want this service to be inaccessible but valuable, worthwhile and possible. Be sure you are committed to changing and what is the cost of NOT changing? My charging structure is clear and transparent with no hidden costs.

Saying that you may wish to check out www.mabs.ie if you prefer a free service. There are a number of calulators and resources available to those looking to do this themselves.

You may need just one meeting or many over a number of months. My programmes are suited to each individual needs.

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