It starts with the realisation, the spark and the decision to change what you have been meaning to change for a long time. Yes, I know things get in the way and we all encounter difficulties.  My work with you takes these barriers into account. If you are dissatisfied with how your money life is going this is the time to take action. Change is scary but I will ensure you are on the road to success. 

Think about a time in the future where you have acheived what you want out of your money life. How do you feel: Calm? Confident? Relieved? Energised? How are you feeling now? Despondent? Scared? Exhausted? Bewildered?

Only you can take action on this aspect of your life. It is in your hands. The earlier you start, the quicker you will resolve this.

Who is this coaching for?

  • Stop worrying about money
  • Stop procrastinating about what you really want to do financially
  • Money secrets that you can’t talk about
  • Going through a relationship breakup
  • Going insolvent or bankrupt
  • Couples newly cohabiting, getting married
  • Audit your finances to see where you stand
  • Stop fighting about money
  • Look to build wealth
  • Set plans and goals about money and your future
  • Discuss delicate financial events in your life and how to manage them

Specific debt management programme also available

The price of coaching is designed not to be out of reach and offer value for a personal service such as this. My prices are not hidden as I feel it should be something to know before we speak to alleviate any tension, confusion or curiosity. I welcmome a discussion on this and can recommend alternatives if this is your wish. To discuss this, contact me for a discovery call.

Option 1 – 3 session financial coaching programme

    • 30-minute discovery call
    • Three-session programme
    • Financial questionnaire and goal clarification
    • Help with calculations, projections
    • Accountability calls/emails to stay on track
    • Access to resources as needed (templates, spreadsheets, cheat sheets)
    • Further support at discounted price
    • The cost for the 3-session programme with support is €360/couples €450

Option 2 – Per month with full access

    • 30-minute discovery call
    • Per month programme for complex or more intensive discussions
    • Full documentation review together
    • Help with calculations, projections
    • Agree together on the number and duration of sessions and support calls
    • Higher accountability monitoring by call/emails to stay on track
    • Access to resources as needed (templates, spreadsheets, cheat sheets)
    • Cost per month €560/700

Option 3 – Single Mastery Session.  2 hours + document review

    • 30-minute discovery call
    • Single issue discussion and next steps clarification
    • Full documentation review together
    • Help with calculations, projections
    • Private, confidential, and non-judgmental
    • Follow up call by phone on next steps
    • €200


Book a quick chat to discuss what you want to achieve. What is stopping you?

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