Couples Financial Coaching

Are you ready to change your financial life together?

Couples seek help from me for a number of reasons but central to those is a desire to improve communication, goalsetting and financial wellbeing after getting married, cohabiting or indeed splitting up. Each of us brings  “money baggage”  into our relationships, our work and our social lives. This baggage comes from beliefs, values and experiences from our childhood and relationships. Sometimes couples’ differing perspectives can cause tension and conflict, leading to arguments, mistrust and stress. This is more often the case when there is a scarcity of money or there are numerous pressures on how best to use this limited resource.

Some clients wish to correct damaging behaviour around money, including overspending, hoarding, obsessing about money and hiding behaviour. Getting out of debt is also  a common driver for change.

Meeting in confidence with an experienced money coach gives comfort, education and clarity on your next steps. It does not involve buying financial products so there is less or no pressure in that area. My work can involve goalsetting and midset issues but often involves just simple organisational or budgeting exercises to gain more control of the day to day finances and the day to day conversations. I view accountability as particularly useful in gaining commitment and results.

Ask yourself will your situation change by itself and is this the right time to address it. If you do nothing will you be reading this again in a year?

Our time together

  • Three-month programme to align yourselves to a stability, growth or independence goal.
  • 2 hour-long Coaching Master Sessions to start and once per month thereafter.
  • Weekly accountability calls and emails.
  • Document review.
  • Weekly task list and plan.
  • Access to resources (Templates, spreadsheets)
  • Event support calls (meeting financial advisors, interviews, loan negotiation).

By taking this programme you will:

  • Clarify the outcome you want to achieve and why.
  • Find out where you are in relation to your goal and what is needed to move towards it.
  • Take the first and hardest steps.
  • Develop your knowledge in this area in a purposeful way.
  • Define action lists and be accountable for them.
  • Review these actions and tweak them according to your goal.
  • Be able to talk through in confidence upcoming events and plan for them.

Cost for the 3-month programme with support and 12-15 meetings €1,650


Take this programme for one month €700


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