Couple Money Coaching 

The difference between how men and women view money is not always apparent. It is, however, one of the things that couples most fight about. There are a range of emotions, beliefs, memories and experiences that colour our view of money, from being in debt, to hearing your parents fight about money. There are a range of flashpoints in any relationship when considering money; who earns it, who spends it, what the balance of power and what are the expectations on parties to conform to traditional stereotypes (to name but a few).

Coupled with this many feel uncomfortable to speak about money and reach solutions to issues. The emotions that it brings up are many: guilt, shame, anger, resentment, jealousy. The issue of trust comes up also, stemming from some hiding financial behaviour from their partners.

I coach couples who are at odds over money and help them see where the problems lie financially in order to release the pressure and stress on their relationship

It is quite often debt that is a main reason why people fight but it can be anything from retirement, buying a property, saving for children’s education or even personal spending , shopping and who pays for what.

With two parties more likely to earn money now it throws up certain issues about household contribution, mortgage payments and “whose salary is more important”

Coaching will help couples

  • understand the nature of conflict and the other’s point of view
  • learn budgeting, spending and saving techniques to address conflict
  • get clarity on needs and wants, consumerist behaviour and damaging thoughts and actions that sabotage goals
  • learn what financial products they actually need and want
  • align their financial and lifestyle goals
  • design their own financial future

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