I offer an intensive but uplifting programme to get out of debt for those who feel they want to make a change in their lives for the better. I have helped hundreds of clients in financial difficulty over the years, particularly in determining a path to debt freedom:

  • Mortgage Arrears, MARP, CCMA.
  • Personal Insolvency and Bankruptcy decisions.
  • Issues over the breakup of relationships and debt.
  • Financial stress caused by debt, lack of income, overspending.
  • Personal debt linked to earnings, career, and business.

While this is coaching and nondirective, it will give you the confidence to make decisions from a place of knowledge. Many debt management interventions fail due to a lack of focus on goals. Coaching will give you the power back, rather than taking it away.

Why are you here? 
  • Sick and tired of debt and sick and tired of the way debt is making or influencing decisions for you.
  • Sick and tired of people trying to sell you financial products.
  • Looking to thrive financially, retire early and get a clarity about your money you never had.
  • Want to be free from worry and fighting over debt, money, spending.
  • Want to save more, invest more, live more.
  • Tell everyone you know that you are debt-free. That’s nice.
My approach:
  • Three-month programme.
  • 2 hour-long Coaching Master Sessions to start
  • 20-minute accountability call with me weekly to keep you on track.
  • Access to a private Facebook group with updates, tips, and tricks to support you.
  • Help with templates, spreadsheets, cheat sheets as needed.
By taking this programme you will:
  • Get to know your debt priorities and where you are now.
  • Get more comfortable with money terminology and the big picture of your finances.
  • Work on your mindset, motivation, and focus.
  • Learn how to communicate with a partner or family about this issue.
  • Get more familiar with the documentation and correspondence needed for lenders when in debt.
  • Find out finally the best steps to take to get debt-free.
  • Look at your beliefs, behaviour, and values that impact your financial behaviour.
  • Look at setting clear achievable goals and develop the grit and resilience to reach them.
  • Look at spending patterns and analyse ways to make changes that won’t kill you.
  • Start to think about building wealth.
  • We aim to have a date you can circle in your calendar when you will be DEBT FREE, the sooner the better.

Cost for the 3-month programme with support and 12-15 meetings €900.


Important: I will show you when you have saved the fee with the changes you have made. I am serious!

Book a quick chat to discuss what you want to achieve. What is stopping you?

Mortgage Arrears Service

If your mortgage is in arrears and/or your account needs to be restructured or analysed, then as part of the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP), your lender will ask for a Standard Financial Statement (SFS). The Central Bank has a template that is acceptable and used by all lenders. It is a snapshot of your finances in detail and in particular information on your income, expenses, and debt. It takes time to complete and is frustrating. Sometimes, the picture it paints is not the one you want to communicate.

My service is there to help you complete this document and to coach and support you in your interaction with your lender(s). 

    • 2 x hour sessions on the SFS, MARP, and dealing with your lender.
    • Document review to help with decisions
    •  A further support call which will prepare for your lender interaction
    • Price €200


Book a quick chat to discuss what you want to achieve. What is stopping you?

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