Morgan O'Connell

Money, Career & Lifestyle Coaching 

Financial Mediation for Couples


I help you understand and act on behaviours to meet your personal, career and financial goals.

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Financial Coaching

Help for individuals and couples who want to become better with money decisions, reduce anxiety and improve financial habits and behaviour.

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Career Coaching

Get a job, promotion or achieve results in your career.

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Speaking Engagements

Writing content for and speaking at community and corporate welbeing events

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I’m Morgan O’Connell, a financial and career coach. I am based in Dublin but work remotely nationwide. 

My professional background is here, but my motivations for working as a coach are born from helping those in finanical and professional distress and improve performance, mindset and focus.

We focus on:

* What you want

* What is already happening

* What is working or not so far

* The best steps to take

* Constant improvement



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