About You

  • Are you terrified when you think about money or work?
  • Do you have problem making ends meet when you shouldn’t have?
  • Do you want to spend more time with someone discussing your personal finances?
  • Are you fearful of providing for your family in the future?
  • Do you need to talk to someone who won’t judge you about money?
  • Do you want to find out why you repeat the same bad habits over and over?
  • As a couple do you fight about money?
  • Are you being paid for what you are worth?
  • Do you dread going into work each day?
  • Did you think you would be in a different place in your life by now?
  • Do you feel stuck in a work rut with no apparent way out?
  • Are you in conflict with those at work?
  • Do you just want help with the next steps?
Financial Coaching and Counselling
The reality is you will never feel like changing your financial world. If you wanted to do it, knew how to do it and it was easy you would have already done it, no? The first step starts with you refusing to keep doing the same things you always did and expecting different results.  My role is to challenge you to look at your money and work life differently once you have taken the first step.  What are you waiting to feel before you do something about it?

Those who get financial coaching:

  1. Show an increased ability to use a budget and spending plan
  2. Are more likely to set aside money for savings
  3. Know their “money type” and the implications of this
  4. Are more likely to pay bills on time
  5. Feel calmer and in control of money
  6. Less likely to make regrettable financial decisions
  7. More likely to set goals
  8. Have massive increases in confidence to reach goals, financial and otherwise

Without a vision and something to work towards you will go around in circles. I will empower you to sustainable change in your financial life and this will get you to look at other areas of improvement.

My Approach
I am not the right person to speak to if you want a nice report with lots of graphs in it.  I am not here to “wow” you with jargon and slick talk about the stock market or try to flog you a pension, savings or insurance product. You set the goal you want and I will help you with your behaviour to reach this goal. I will hold you accountable for your actions so you achieve results. Yes there is so much information online and in the media to show you the way to live your life in every possible way, from weight loss, to success in work, to confidence, to whatever else you look up. If browsing this information is sufficient to get you to change then congratulations, you don’t need help. If you want to change and want to make sure they are successful then you may need a coach.  Sometimes you need someone to help you “make” you do what you want to do. Being accountable to me locks you in to a path of your choosing and this is the path to success.
You do it, I help. That’s what makes it all the sweeter for you.
About Morgan
I am the first Financial Coach in Ireland holding the internationally recognised CFP© qualification. I worked for many years helping people recover financially and I discovered practical, simple ways to help them through coaching. I hate seeing the damage and stress that the wrong job or the wrong approach to money brings. Strangely, it is not my financial background which helps me with my clients most, but my ability to listen, empathise and connect. To me this approach is lacking when people seek someone to discuss their money. My financial background merely allows me to understand completely the client situation and put myself in their shoes. I am not about jargon and bluster and making you feel important, but practical support to help you define and move you to what your goals are.
I have a Postrgaduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching. I also have qualifications in mediation,  personal insolvency/debt management and project management.  I have spent the last 15 years in financial services and coaching, the most recent 6 working for clients’ financial and career recovery.



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