About You

  • Do you feel dissatisfied and “stuck” with money and work?
  • Do you have problem making ends meet?
  • Do you wish things would go your way sometimes?
  • What are you tolerating that you hate?
  • Why don’t you have what you want?
  • Do you want to find out why you repeat the same bad habits over and over?
  • As a couple do you fight about money?
  • Are you being paid for what you are worth?
  • Do you dread going into work each day?
  • Did you think you would be in a different place in your life by now?
  • Do you feel stuck in a work rut with no apparent way out?
  • Are you in conflict with those at work?
  • Do you just want help with the next steps?
The reality is you will never feel like changing, it’s hard to change behaviour. The thoughts of changing your money or work world is up there on the scale of most challenging. Do you feel like changing? NO of course not. You are never going to just “happen” upon major change? Nobody said that there is an easy way. Its simple to get what you want, but not easy. Simple to say “I will lose 3 kg of weight and run a 5k in under 25 minutes” of course.  But is this easy? No, because after the grand plan, the result is elusive unless you have the correct approach. Its easy to list the dietary and exercise tasks that make up this goal or get someone to do this. Doing it must be done by you though. It is the same with getting out of debt, transforming your money life or your career. You alone can only do it.  If you wanted to do it, knew how to do it and it was easy you would have already done it, no?
Lets face it, many people are terrified and intimidated by money, budgeting, setting goals & going after what they want financially.  Many people put all their effort into work and earning good incomes but then leave this income dribble away without being in control. Some will live month to month with no financial cushion or plan,  fight about money and hide bad money habits. As you age you worry about having enough for retirement and other security issues. It is possible to remove the stress and lack of clarity by just speaking to someone who has no agenda other than to help you see your own path. Change is difficult and sometimes you need help. If you are committed and really serious about changing I can help you.  This is not a quick fix but a progressive improvement and a journey.
If you are looking for a 50 page glossy financial plan with pictures, nice graphs and projections with loads of numbers, my apologies. I am not the right person to speak to. I am not here to wow you with jargon and slick talk about money, investments, savings, budgeting. This is real down to earth practical work.
If you are looking to honestly talk about overcoming barriers to reaching goals in life through money, then give me a call. It is the human aspect of people’s financial lives that interests me and this is where I feel the best results come from. Starting something that you want, committing to it and staying the course is the hard part. Stay where you are or move forward, it’s up to you.
About Me
I am the first Financial Coach in Ireland holding the internationally recognised CFP© qualification. I work as a financial and career coach following many years helping people in debt overcome the financial and psychological fallout from this debt. I help people take back control of their financial lives through practical and supportive coaching work. It might be getting debt free, planning for retirement, getting more knowledgeable about personal finance or something else. Whatever the issue is, if you cannot deal with this yourself you might needs help.
I have a Postrgaduate Diploma in Financial Planning and Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching. I also have qualifications in mediation,  personal insolvency/debt management and project management.  I have spent the last 15 years in financial services, the most recent 6 working clients’ financial and career recovery.



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