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I’m Morgan O’Connell, a Money Coach, Career Coach & Event Speaker at Arrow Coaching. I am based in Dublin but work remotely nationwide. I am a pragmatist so my coaching style is quite hands-on, practical, solution-oriented.


Whether it is getting out of debt, job seeking, or making changes in your personal or professional life, expect definition, clear goal-setting, and an emphasis on reducing confusion and hesitancy. I help you use your time effectively and pick the most effective actions to accelerate you on your path. 

Are you:

  • Living in fear of your debt or financial situation?


  • Looking to make changes in your life that seem to be going nowhere?


  • Spending too much, saving not enough?


  • Fighting about money all the time?


  • Looking to set some goals and targets and need help with accountability, motivation, and clarity?


  • Unsure of what to do with your finances?


  • Procrastinating about taking action?


  • In need of help with a major upcoming life event?


  • Way behind in financial decisions?


  • In need of someone to talk through stuff without judgment or pressure?



Talk to me about

Money Coaching

Help for individuals and couples who want to become better with money decisions, reduce anxiety and improve financial habits and behaviour.

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Career Coaching

Get a job, promotion or achieve results in your career.

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Executive Coaching

Improve performance and achieve results at a higher level.

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I will speak to your colleagues or community groups.

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