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I am naturally curious about what people spend their lives doing in work, why they do what they do and what led them to be on this path. I have had numerous jobs, have been burnt out, been fired, been rehired and been bullied. So this is personal and coming from the heart. 

I use this curiosity in my coaching to help others get perspective, get stronger, dispute negative thinking and focus on what they want to do and be.

Taking ownership is the first step and coaching can help in this area.


I work with all backgrounds and levels, from college graduates to senior professionals and C-Suite executives. While the industries and levels differ, the elements of success remain the same.

Looking for a job is lonely and it’s often quite stressful. It brings up emotions you would rather not feel. It eats at self-belief and optimism and makes you doubt yourself. Ask yourself what is the ONE thing stopping you.  Too many times I see clients scattering CVs to the four winds without a clear focus. They wonder why they don’t succeed and then they repeat the same pattern again. STOP this! Think about the actions that are most relevant and ensure the most success. Each of us are strong at different things. Taking this strength and running with it whilst managing any weaknesses is what coaching can help with. 

It is also a good time to consider your career path; what you really are good at, what you really want to do; and what is the voice inside you that needs to be heard. Many of us don’t stop and prepare ourselves at this opportunity.


  • Career to date and how this impacts job search
  • Personal belief systems, motivation, destructive patterns, and barriers to success in job hunting
  • Increasing confidence and positivity
  • Stop procratinating about getting things done
  • Personal traits and talents-what you are good at
  • Practical aspects: CV preparation, presentation, effective communication, and networking
  • Creating an action plan that is yours and one which you can identify with
  • Carrying out the plan. Being accountable and gaining momentum

Price for four sessions €480



This is for those who find themselves in a “rut” at work and faced with a feeling of not being appreciated, underpaid or in a seemingly dead end.

This can lead to a sapping of physical and mental energy and focus, leading to exhaustion and burnout.

Are you aligning yourself to what your values are at work? Do you sometimes feel you are getting in your own way and preventing success with promotion and career progression?


  • Career to date and how this is fitting into your career goal for yourself.  What is this goal?
  • Personal traits and talents-what you are good at
  • Increasing confidence and positivity
  • Current job, what you do, what you are paid, who you work with, what your values and beliefs are and are they being honored
  • Conflict at work, identifying, counteracting it and avoiding it
  • Deciding to stay or go
  • Looking at your career with positivity and hope
  • Creating an action plan that is yours and one which you can identify with
  • Preparing the springboard: CV preparation, presentation, effective communication and networking
  • Carrying out the plan.  Begin accountable and gaining momentum

Price for four sessions €480


Effective CV and Linkedin Profile

Your CV/Linkedin Profile are the keys you use to open the different career doors you want to go through. I have seen many CVs which are not clear, too long, badly structured, and do not convey the ESSENCE and VALUE of a person.

The CV/Profile is an extension of your “pitch” and should be something that you are proud of, confident in discussing, and know intimately. 


  • Clear “profile” or personal statement reflecting your values, skills, attitude, education, and experience
  • Overhaul of language and structure for maximum impact to sell yourself
  • Increasing confidence and positivity
  • Highlight behavioural competencies with a view to competency-based interviews
  • Bringing your past with you (what an employer/recruitment consultant/in company recruiter looks for)
  • Get the length and “story” correct (including dealing with CV gaps, redundancy, illness, dismissal, stress leave)
  • Carrying out the plan.  Using the CV
  • Other issues (Cover letters, different CV versions, Linkedin, etc.)
  • Mindset, procrastination and motivation

Price for four sessions €480

7-Day CV and Cover Letter

  • I help you rewrite, reword and re focus your CV in 7 days, whatever your situation
  • Get an application, cover letter drafted which will showcase your message and personal brand
  • Prepare for next steps with coaching

Price  €295

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