Resources are links, templates, and suggested sites that can be helpful to you. I have no set list of things I put in here but I add whatever I feel might be helpful. The weight of informaiton available is sometimes overwhelming so it is important to keep a perspective on this. Filling your inbox with information without doing anything about it is not productive, does not necessarily contribute to change or address procrastination. 

These are only aids and the drive and motivation to change must come from you.

I will keep adding useful links as I find them


Your thoughts and actions

  1. David Burns on Cognitive Distortions video
  2. List of Cognitive Distortions from David Burns
  3. Action time with the 5-second rule video
  4. Here is a great book about how you are influenced
  5. Tim Urban on procrastination. Don’t wait, watch it now!
  6. Beware of the pressure on your wallet

Financial Independence

  1. The Millionaire next door synopsis


Policy, Government and Society

  1. A survey by on Covid-19 and our mental health and wellbeing
  2. TASC report summary on household debt in Ireland
  3. Article in Investopedia on how to measure your financial health
  4. The comprehensive list of Social Welfare payments in Ireland

Debt Management

  1. Free Debt Service in Ireland – Money Advice and Budgeting Service
  2. Go to the Government official site for all things personal finance-Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
  3. Information on the personal insolvency process in Ireland – Insolvency Service of Ireland
  4. Overview of the 4 debt solutions available through the Insolvency Service of Ireland
  5. Official information, publications, and consumer protection guidance –
  6. Mental Health and Money – Money and Mental Health Policy Institute
  7. An alternative (to moneylender vultures) being offered by Credit Untions to those on Social Welfare payments seeking loans
  8. Central Bank guide to Mortgage Arrears


  1. Smart Goal Template
  2. Standard Financial Statement (Central Bank)
  3. Swot Analysis Tool

Pensions Provision

  1. State Pensions – Contributory


  1. Pension Calculator Simple
  2. Mortgage Repayment Calculator
  3. More detailed Mortgage Repayment Calculator
  4. Debt Snowball Calculator. (It’s in Sterling but nice and straightforward)
  5. Compound your savings Calculator
  6. Extra Mortgage Repayment Calculator
  7. Inflation Calculator
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