Debt Coaching for financial recovery

For many it is possible to become debt free but it is important to have clarity, commitment and a burning desire to do so. 

More and more people reject the notion of being in debt and strive to live within their means. Many don’t know where to start and need help. Coaching as an approach is a perfect, forward-thinking intervention. 

Are you insolvent or bankrupt, or just snowed under and juggling debt, robbing Peter to pay Paul? Getting clear on where you are now is the first step.

Being debt free has many benefits:

  1. No more interest payments to financial institutions and creditors
  2. Know where you finally stand financially
  3. Increase in motivation
  4. Freedom to work on your savings/retirement/dreams
  5. Clarity around what you can achieve in your money life
  6. Sense of satisfaction
  7. The envy of your peers

Coaching can help you:

  • Learn how to get out of debt
  • Learn budgeting, spending and saving techniques
  • Find out if you are insolvent, or bankrupt and how it affects you
  • Get clarity on needs and wants, consumerist behaviour and damaging thoughts and actions that sabotage your goals
  • Learn what financial products you actually need and want
  • Become more confident in your spending
  • Design your own financial future

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