Congratulations on your first step!

Thank you for your payment. Please check your email inbox for your electronic receipt. No receipt, just let me know.
  • I am really excited you have taken action on your vision.
  • By taking this step you have shown commitment and willingness to change.
  • You have also paid for this service, which changes the dynamic. This means you are serious and you want results. My goal for you is only to help you achieve these results as having unsuccessful clients is not acceptable to me.
  • You are now more focused and clear on what you want to achieve and with my support this is possible.
  • Our work will deliver change and a new way of looking at your money, your career, and your life.

What now?

Let’s get moving. No time to waste. Contact me immediately for a discussion on the level and frequency of contact, documentation needed, and a chat about how we can make this successful. We should have spoken already but if not please make contact immediately. If you are in the get debt-free coaching programme there will be documentation needed and the sooner we discuss this the better. If you are in the career coaching programmes, a CV and target job descriptions are needed. We can discuss this when we speak

Overview of the process 

Contact me below:

  1. Book a call through Calendly
  2. Mail me directly at [email protected]
  3. Buzz me +353-87-1376240


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