Workshop Topics

  1. Matters of Life and Debt and the Future: Reduce stress and take more control with an educational and practical approach to your finances.  Topics include but not limited to budgeting, money worries, debt management, financial goals, getting unstuck from a financial nightmare
  2. Emotions and Money: Money personalities and why we do what we do with money, how to think about money and living a more contented life with money as your friend
  3. Create the CV and job of your dreams: Honing your message and personal brand message through your CV and pitch.  Talk covers all aspects of succeeding at securing the dream job, from CV writing to networking, to interviewing
  4. Procrastination and Time Management: Understand why and how you put things off and how to lead a more productive week to achieve more
  5. Goal Setting and Achievement: Practical and down to earth approach to getting where you want to go

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