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Financial Wellbeing

Saying “money doesn’t matter to me” is never true and to many it matters too much. Is there a balance?  Discover your relationship to it and how it affects your daily life. Is there a better way to live in your money world?

  1. Matters of Life and Debt and the Future: Reduce stress and take control with an educational and practical approach to your finances.  budgeting, money worries, debt management, financial goals, getting unstuck from a financial nightmare
  2. Emotions and Money: Money personalities and why we do what we do with money, how to think about money and living a more contented life with money as your friend
  3. Budgeting and Spending Plans: Your money world, psychology of spending, reduce expenditure on needs and wants, tips for improved plans
  4. Financial Goals: Link your money and life goals, overcoming barriers and beliefs that hinder you, setting and achieving financial goals, tips to be more productive financially
  5. Become a Financial Wizard: Your financial world, money mindset and goal setting, budgeting needs and wants, debt management, save for what you love


Work Progression and Success

Defining and honing your message and managing your mindset in work career progression. Yes we know what we should do, but how about taking steps to?

  1. Effective CV and getting the job you want: Honing your message and personal brand message through your CV and pitch.  Talk covers all aspects of succeeding at securing the dream job, from CV writing to networking, to interviewing
  2. Procrastination and Time Management: Understand why and how you put things off and how to lead a more productive week to achieve more
  3. Goal Setting and Achievement: Practical and down to earth approach to getting where you want to go

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