Are you a therapist, doctor or psychologist?

I am currently building up my practice and am informing GPs, psychologists and therapists about my service. My discussions with numerous therapists and GPs to date have given me insight into how money and work anxieties contribute to their patients’ stress levels. My service may be of relevance to you if you are in contact with patients experiencing these issues and are considering your options on their recovery. I am happy to discuss how I can help. Just send me a mail or call me in confidence. My approach would be to have a 30 minute conversation with them, at no charge, to see if I can help.

Financial Advisor?

If you are a financial advisor my message is similar. I add that my work is complimentary to traditional financial advice and not in competition. I work with the process of goal achievement and behavioural change. Clients attending a financial coach are better prepared and educated when looking to retain a financial advisor thus improving that relationship. Indeed some clients approaching an advisor may be looking for something that the advisor is not equipped to work with. Similarly I get some inquiries that I cannot help and I would refer sometimes to financial advisors.

Let me help you....

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