How would it feel to talk to someone about money and know you are being listened to? We are living in times of unprecedented financial stress and uncertainty and people have few places to turn to. Financial stress is the number one source of stress globally.

What I do

I help you define and attain your financial and career goals.  Many people never sit down to discuss their financial world outside of arranging a specific product such as a pension, insurance policy etc.  My work with individuals and couples sits alongside traditional financial advisor services but crucially it helps you to make money decisions without being controlled by emotional baggage.

My confidential service benefits you in allowing you to explore and master behaviours associated with your finances, and move towards achieving what you really want.  So many people struggle with self-defeating patterns when it comes to investing, spending, saving and managing money; even thinking about it. Benefits to clients include more clarity, confidence and sense of purpose when it comes to your money.

Who I work with

My financial coaching is strictly confidential and is for everyone making financial decisions, big or small.

Clients use my service for many reasons:

  • debt, budgeting, mortgage arrears, repossession threats, financial recovery
  • feelings of stress, despair and hopelessness relating to finances and upcoming major financial decisions e.g. marriage, divorce, retirement
  • inner conflict and conflict with others relating to money
  • defining and moving towards financial life goals
  • addressing damaging behavioural patterns or feeling “out of control” regarding money
  • a fresh perspective on finances

What is financial coaching?

First, it is important to understand it is first and foremost COACHING.  Coaching clients will make decisions coming from awareness of their situation.  I do not advise and will never advise on specific financial courses of action, products or services.  I enable you to be clear on these decisions yourself.  I have no agenda other than to help you.

I help you define and attain your financial and career goals.  This is simple but it’s not easy. Finding out what you really want and of your relationship to money is more elusive than it seems.  We all have behaviours and traits that serve us or otherwise.  Our daily decisions are coloured by attitudes and beliefs around money, some good and some bad.  I work with people to uncover those beliefs and behaviours, so they can help themselves to thrive.

This is a confidential service to get where you want to go with your finances and move towards achieving what you really want in life also.  This goal is different for everyone; wealth for some, clarity and security for others, comfort in spending for others.  We address issues such as damaging patterns of financial behaviour, self-defeating thoughts and actions, ingrained beliefs about money, inappropriate risk taking and goal confusion. You will be living with money for the rest of your lives so why not let it work for you rather than being a slave to it.  Benefits to clients include more clarity, confidence and sense of purpose when it comes to your finances.

Once you are clear on the overall goal you want to achieve, we address how this will happen.  Coaching sessions will yield a series of tasks to bring you towards this overall goal.  This is exciting and gives huge confidence and momentum to clients.

What I expect from clients

A willingness to be open to change by increasing self awareness, control  and responsibility.

Outline of a typical financial coaching journey for a client?

  1. Client submits a fact-find to enable me to assess your financial situation
  2. Client attends coaching session to discuss what they want to achieve as an outcome
  3. Coach and client gain insight into barriers to this goal and aids to achieving it
  4. Action plan on achieving this overall outcome is developed
  5. Client and coach have ongoing sessions to bed down behaviours, monitor progress and stay on track

Let me help you....

....find your direction