Who are you? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? Who can help you?

People stress about money and work more than anything else and stressing about each affects the other. Money worries will follow you to work. Work and career stress and dissatisfaction will affect your finances also.

Career coaching is to address the work (or lack of) issues.


Who I work with

Clients come to me for many reasons:

  • getting unstuck from a work or unemployment rut
  • burnout from work
  • CV and interview preparation/confidence building
  • promotion and career moves
  • reduce fear and gain confidence and clarity
  • difficult work situations e.g. interpersonal conflict
  • speak in confidence


What is Career Coaching?

Career coaching helps you see you do have power to change your career or get the job you want.  Clarifying goals must happen first and then the actions and tasks that help you reach the goals will become clearer.   It also helps with resilience, work-life balance, feeling underappreciated or stressed.  Much of my work improving communication in work or job-seeking situations, and generating new confidence, possibilities and  momentum going forward in your career and life.

Let me help you....

....find your direction