Reaching financial goals

My Financial Coaching service consists of several sessions, estimated at an average of 6 but only as appropriate and with full agreement.  It is important to note that as each client has a different financial background and history it is not possible to determine exactly how many sessions are needed.  Indeed many clients benefit with ongoing contact for accountability and support.


Some may just want a stand-alone session to discuss a particular issue or event. 

Session 1

This would usually take place after I have received a detailed statement of affairs, personal spending, questionnaire and other information.  These documents will be kept confidential and will be only used for the purpose of our meeting.  The initial session would be important to get to know each other and formulate a plan and would take an estimated two hours.  During this we will look at your life and current reality, aspirations and move to develop an overall action plan to reach your goal(s).  If other sessions are required it will become apparent and we can discuss/schedule them in the first session.

Price for session 1 €240 including analysis of financial documents and follow up support calls if needed. (payable at each session or by mutual agreement)

Price for further sessions €120 per session

Sessions can take place in a private room in Baggot Street, Dublin 2 or elsewhere/your workplace, as appropriate

Becoming debt free

For many it is possible to become debt free but it is important to have clarity, commitment and a burning motivation to do so. Becoming debt free is a growing movement in the US and rooted in the practical ideals of financial self-control, vision and the desire to overcome barriers to reaching your life goals.

More and more people reject the notion of being in debt and strive to live within their means. Many don’t know where to start and need help. Being debt free has many benefits:

  1. No more interest payments to financial institutions and creditors
  2. Increase in motivation
  3. Freedom to work on your savings/retirement/dreams
  4. Clarity around what you can achieve in your money life
  5. Sense of satisfaction
  6. The envy of your peers


Financial recovery coaching can help you:

  • Define and get to know the characteristics and extent of your debt
  • Plan a strategy to systematically reduce debt and interest repayments
  • Clarify and strengthen your goals as you work towards reducing your debt
  • Get clarity on financial calendar milestones so you can track and motivate yourself
  • Overcome barriers along the way (conflict, self defeating thoughts, relapse)
  • Become accountable to me and stay the course
  • Re-divert your funds from repayments to what you really want (e.g savings, pensions, education, children)

Price for 6 sessions  (€800+VAT) It is important to note that while there is no guarantees, the expectation is that fees would be offset at least partially by long term client savings. Commitment may falter as we proceed through the meetings hence the 6 session minimum requirement.  This structure is necessary to ensure accountability and strengthen resolve.

Price for further sessions €120 per session

Sessions must be in person initially but can be run remotely (by phone or Skype/Zoom) once a plan has been established.

Sessions can take place in a private room in Baggot Street, Dublin 2 or elsewhere/your workplace, as appropriate

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